Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Challenge - Colorful

Hi everyone, Happy Saturday! Today I am showing off the new items you can find for The Challenge.  You can find out more info here if you wish.  This rounds theme is colorful.  And as you can see in my picture there are lots of colors, and on that I got some of my material items to work! Yay for that.  It looks amazing on my PC. So you can go to the stores listed below starting TOMORROW and check it out.  Or you can join the The Challenge group and get the list of other stores, if you want you can also click the link above and check out the site! ♥

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Boudoir Chair Pink (Paco Pooley)
             16 Single Animations 
[Black Tulip] Color me Cat - LINKED SET (Auryn Beorn)
                      Chair, rug, table, magazines, Kitty decor 9 Female sits, 4 Male sits
Kuro - Colored chair (Luana Dawg)
              9 single animations
Kuro - Colored wall art (Luana Dawg)
PRIME StyleWise No.5 Teal - [Clock] (Reven Rosca)
              Clock tells time
Shutter Field suitcase planter - pink  - light soil (Heavenly Villa)
Volstead ~ Vogue Lamp (006) Carnelian/Pearl (Rosa Ray)

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