Saturday, August 23, 2014

Post 453

Hey everyone, so its not morning anymore, but in this picture its morning.  And I am about to open my fan mail as you can see its tons and tons of it, so overwhelming.  This is what stops me from blogging all the time is answering all my adoring fans and stuff.   I got my coffee and my tissues for those of you that leave me the really sad ones about ....

OK yea so that isn't how it really goes ... but I wish right! So Plethora released a four pack of letters stacks and lay about that is fan mail. These are available tomorrow for Lazy Sunday!  I think this is really adorable to have for around the house.  You can choose from the 4 or you can lay them all out and make it look like you are super popular like I did, cause I could totally use the popular points.  And because I am a total Dr Who fan, I had to pull out the tissue box.  They are in a gacha in the main store of Plethora, and so many cute ones to win buuut, I had to have this one (seriously its a problem)  but yay I got it!

I am new to L.Warwick shoes (I know you all are like how are you a blogger and not know her shoes)  believe me its was my mistake that I plan on rectifying.  So she was awesome in plurk to ask for testers of her new shoes that will be coming out for the Appliers Expo on the 25th! So these go with your slink medium appliers for feet obviously.  They are a nice fit and the texture is to die for believe me, and I can proudly say I seen from plurk her working on these so they are original mesh all the way from the make of the mesh to the texture this is all her.  So I am officially on her train of fans to get these shoes! (Yep I totally fan girled here)

For those of you that didnt know Truth had another release in his store.  I am showing off one of the two new hairs that was released.  I am really loving this style its a side pony tail that has some seriously messed up I just woke up bangs, and believe me its so well done, like all his hairs.  So make sure you head on over to get it.

Clothes Credits:
♥ Top: -Pixicat- Cutout Tie Top [black] (areve)
♥ Pants: DN Mesh: Euro Shorts (beanster potato)
♥ Bracelet: [MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_Fashionista (kikunosuke.eel) Collabor 88 ♥ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Nissa [Size 2] (Truth Hawks) NEW
♥ Shoes: [L.Warwick] Revelry -Platform Heels- Noir Leather (Lindsey Warwick) Appliers Expo
♥ Eyes: AvaWay Amethyst #2 Crystall Eyes (Avaway) NEW
♥ Pose: Sari Sari - Relax #5 (AbbyAnne)

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Medium (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 (annagrey)
♥ Shape: ::::ChicChica:::: Foxy Shape (Lilo Denimore)
♥ Skin: -Glam Affair - Cassia - Jamaica - 07 C (aida.ewing)

Item Credits:
♥ Plethora - Fan Mail Stack [4 total] (plethorasl) Lazy Sunday
♥ Plethora - Tissue Boxes - Police Box ]rare] (plethorasl)
♥ 8f8 - CEO Coffee-To-Go CUP (Rez me) - DELICATE (8f8)

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