Saturday, August 23, 2014

Home and Garden - Whats in my kitchen

Hi everyone! So I am doing a home and garden post, cause I really love doing these now.  I am showing off more great items for your kitchen brought to you by Aphrodite.  I paired it off with cute little odds and ends from other designers I had previously shown.

I would like to make a note now that some of my items are from the Mingle event that has passed and is over. I think these items are exclusive only for that event so you cannot get them.  But I like to list things anyways just in case.  No harm in looking and you might find something else you like from them anyways. 

So This is a showing off post cause I didn't have the prim amount to show you what all that Aphrodite offers you in their products.  So I have listed the blog post from the store site that shows EVERYTHING you get in each of the items.  Believe me its a ton! Anything you could imagine you would want from these products like the toaster is possible.  The same for the microwave which is really fun and addicting to play with.  You click the door, it opens, then you click the plate select the item you want for food, it shows up and cooks then asks permission to attach to your hand, and you can wear and eat it.  This disappears and doesn't clutter your inventory which is totally freaking amazing.  So you can eat and eat and eat and never have to worry about your inventory being cluttered.  The coffee and tea set gives you an abundant amount of drinks to not just you but your guests too, they can click and get drinks too (your guests can use the microwave and toaster as well if you set it to all).  Lastly on this list of amazing is the candles.  I personally love the smelly scented candles you can place in your home.  These are no different you can pretend your home smells of the amazing scents that you can get from here.  I have three out but there are 12 total I believe you can pick up. You can have an unlimited amount of fun with these items and impress your guests! So make sure you head on over and get these great items. 

Coffee Maker
Tea Set
Click to make the picture bigger 

CreditsNewer Items
♥  Aphrodite Nexpresso luxury Coffeemachine Silver (Marina Ramer)
♥  Aphrodite Orange & Coconut scented candle
♥  Aphrodite Strwberries scented candle
♥  Aphrodite Cinnamon scented candle
♥  Aphrodite Tea service V2
♥  Aphrodite modern Microwave
♥  Aphrodite modern silver Toaster with plug

♥  {Imeka~} Heart Cookies (NatiWilliams) Mingle Item
♥   AF Cherry Voulevants  (warehousefifteendesigns) Past Arcade
♥   AF Christmas Cookies  (warehousefifteendesigns) Past Arcade
♥   [DDD] Love Wall Art (Kalia Firelyte) Group Gift
♥  Pizza's Kissyphants (octagons.yazimoto) Mingle Item
♥  !Ohmai : Beary Lurvin (Anya Ohmai) Mingle Item
♥  The Loft - Steel Fruit Basket (colleen.desmoulins)
♥  The Loft - Wareham Kitchen Island (colleen.desmoulins)

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