Friday, August 8, 2014

Home and Garden - BBQ Time!

Heeey everyone! I got something amazing to show you.  Its summer and you know what that means its time to make those burgers, steaks, chicken, and whatever else meat you can fit on grill.  But this grill is amazing, do you wanna know why?  First off its made by Aphrodite, one of the best places to get goods and foods.  Second ITS FAMILY ORIENTED!  Thats right your little kidlets can interact with this mean machine of a grilling thing.  Now they would not do the cooking, but they can help with dishes and setting plates and having fun playing around.  While the grownups do the harder work.  So along with my pictures I am going to post this video and a link to the owners blog as well.  My picture buddy ... (mhmm) he is on vacation till Tuesday so I am flying solo for this one.  But there are so many couple poses, cooking and kissing (shhhh).  The food looks good too!

What I really love about this, is that it comes in a rezzer for you to place out first, and then you can move the pieces to where and how you want them.  Though for the purposes of my blog, I am showing you how it comes rezzed so you know what to expect, I will later down the road move it around and show it off again.  As I really plan on using this a lot.

Video (Made by the Creator)

Blog (The owners post)

I will let you know that just about everything on this is interactive:
Water - Click for running water
Grill - Open and close lid, foods appear, you get supplies
Drinks - open the lid for a pop up drink
Food - Goes on the table in the mats, on the grill, chopping boards
Dishwasher - door opens and closes for you to do dishes
Chairs -Many sits for eating or just chilling out
Lights - click them for on and off, they are under the umbrella and the grill

There is so much you can do with this that my pictures would take a year to show everything, I suggest taking a ride over to the main store and checking this set out for yourself and pick it up.  Its a great little find, and its mostly all mesh. 

(Pictures shown in different wind-lights to prove you can have fun with this anytime day or night)

Item:  Lakeside Family BBQ
Made by Jaylin Whitewood / Marina Ramer
Found at the Main store

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