Friday, August 8, 2014

Home and Garden - A Sailors Bed

Hi everyone, I have one more item to show you from HEART HOMES, they also run Aphrodite, where you can find yummy foods.  But this is more about their furniture this time.  So.  Here you have Sovereign of the Sea, what is really nice about this ... is that you can go to Collabor 88 right now and get this half off.  When the event is over you will have to pay full price again. So you have all month till its over to get it.

So a little about this bed, what you see in my picture is what you get.  Minus the hut I am using.  There is the bed, the lamps and book areas.  The lamps click on and off like shown.  And the poses, you can get the PG bed, or you can get the adult bed, each like stated before half off at Collabor 88.  So in my one pose I am showing me ... sitting on the phone, talking to my piccy buddy while he is gone.  A very nice fluid pose if you ask me.  It comes jammed pack with poses, most of which come with little accessories that you can use.  You sit in the pose and click yes to attach what you need to wear, I have several favorites in here. While you are looking at the bed, you can click the backboard and change the cover color between this one and one other. This bed really has it all, and you sleep under the covers, I know some of you really like those features in a bed so I thought I would mention that.    So you really should go check it out and have fun with it.  Add this to your room to give off the ultimate beach/seaside look!

<HEART HOMES>"Sovereign of the Sea"
Made by Jaylin Whitewood / Marina Ramer
Found at Collabor 88 @ Half off for the month!!

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