Sunday, August 17, 2014

H&G - Rustic

Hiii, so ... wow... ok where to start with this.  The Liason Collaborative is open and the topic this round is Route 66.  I dont know that I completely did a Post Apocalyptic look, but its what came to mind.  The older look of items that were left behind.  Rustic and worn out.  Back in the good old days when you wanted to see these things shiny and new!  Well Plethora is in this event, and the gacha is amazing! So much you can get.  And I will list everything you can find. 
Not part of the event but can be found now at the main store is the Back Yard Drive in by Consignment.  This is something that every backyard should have, well maybe not in the I am going to blow up the world kinda thing.  But its fun to play with, and it comes in a PG or Adult version the truck has tons of poses in it.  everything you would need to make a great backyard movie place ... or get creative like me and make it your rustic post apocalyptic background!

(Click to make the picture bigger)   Plethora Items are 25L per play!

Plethora Items:  (plethorasl)
There are 12  city signs total though I did show two of them
Plethora - Plastic Barrel - Lube (rare)
Plethora - Broken Gas Pump
Plethora - Plastic Barrel - Water
Plethora - Steel Barrel - Rusted
Plethora - Power Pole
Plethora - Fuel Canister
Plethora - Cinder Blocks
Plethora - Plastic Barrel - Tequila
Plethora - Fuel Tank (rare)
Plethora - Roadside Sign Board
Plethora - Signpost - Chicago
Plethora - Signpost - Las Vegas
Plethora - Water Tower (rare)
Plethora - Ammo Box
Plethora - Roadblocks - Yellow And Red
Plethora - Wood Spindle
Plethora - Steel Barrel - Clean

Consignment Items: (valiantco)
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Truck SKY
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Screen
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Marquee Blue
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Poster
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Light Rig
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Blanket PG
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Reels
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In - Napkins

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