Sunday, August 17, 2014

H&G Birthday Cake!

Hii everyone, so I am bringing you another amazing creation from Aphrodite.  Yep you will be seeing them a lot on my blog now ♥ This round of items are BIRTHDAY CAKES! Well and wine for the adults! Or I guess you can pretend its sparkling grape juice for the kidlets.  Yea.  So.  What we have here is two new cakes.  EACH of them come with the 8 different varieties of cakes like shown in the middle picture.  Now I had to read the notecard to get my cake to work, I was a little confused but see that is what happens when you dont read the information ♥  I like to think I know it all ... (sometimes I do! in my defense)

These cakes have a little water fountain at the bottom of the cakes that does shoot out water. Its cute, the candles do light up and you can click the teir to blow them out! Just like a real thing.  ON THAT you can also make it sing H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y to you and your guests.  That is really neat, and it flows smoothly.  So it sounds great! I think everyone would like these. So go to the store and check them out ♥

Aphrodite musical "Queen of roses" Happy birthday cake!
Aphrodite musical "Rainbow" Happy birthday cake!
Created by Marina Ramer

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