Friday, June 20, 2014

Post 409

Hiii everyone, its FRIDAY and you know what that means right! Fifty Linden Friday!! And Sways put out this really awesome nautical set and fishie pillows! I had to have them and you will too, this is just the perfect thing I needed to place in the empty spot of my house.  I love anything that is beach related and this was just it.  So I am going to post the picture, and add the details from the card so you know just what you are getting ♥  Today only for 50L for each set.

♥ [Kyla] Chest Bench & Wall art (Sway Dench) FLF
- Chest Bench: with 8 single and 3 couple animations
3 texture options for pillow - red, blue and mixed
- Wall art: box frames with nautical knots - red, blue, mixed and individual

♥ [Fish] Cushion set (Sway Dench) FLF
- Floor cushion - with 6 single animations
- Hug cushion - wearable (with holding pose)
- Decor cushion
  all cushion come in red, blue and brown with a golder button

*Both sets are 50L$ only for this Friday! After the event the items will be in store for regular price.

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