Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year New Home!

Hiii everyone.  I hope you had a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And to kick off my near year, I got a new home! This home is fantabulous.  I mean omg, I was not expecting what I was seeing that is for sure. So Im not sure which section this house is from there are two different ones  Maven Homes and Quantum Luxury Homes.  Same person Cain Maven.  The textures and looks of this house were absolutely to die for.  On that this house is totally customizable. 

So lets start, Click the pictures to make them bigger.  First I am gonna start off with both the front and back yards of the house.  There are absolutely NO touch ups of any of these pictures, they are all taken from my windlight.  On that, I only added words to tell what I thought each room was!

As you can see from the back of the house, there is a gorgeous pool, and the planters come full with plants :D   The lights all work from a control inside the house.  Its spacious and great for BBq's.

Next is the Rezzer, This is a really easy to use sit and click, with options and step by step directions to help you get the best of your experience and your house placed just right!

Then you walk into your home with a beautiful foyer, Which you can decorate anyway you please.  I have so many ideas for this house,  I would have decorated it for show ... but I reallly wanted to feature just the house on its own and allow readers to come up with their own idea ... but dont fret, I will do a decorated version next!

You have two rooms in the foyer hall.  A bedroom (2nd) or a Office, I am turning mine into a office, and across is the extremly opened dining room! The many ways you could play with this house are amazing.  I hope you are all liking the tour thus far!

From the Dining room you could either back out and head to the living room (my total favorite part of the house) or you can head into the full stocked kitchen! The kitchen has shelves galore, and a island that has stools for you to sit on.  There are several animations.  Or if you want you can remove it totally and start fresh and insert your own kitchen and believe me anything would fit in here!   And from that you will hit the OMG HUGE Living room! I wish I found this house for Christmas that is for sure, you can host a huge party, and invite people over extravagantly decorate it.  I am truely impressed with this!

Off of the living room you have three more rooms.  The Bathroom, The Master Bedroom, and a Extra sitting/Game room, or you could make that into a office if you used the second bedroom as an actual bedroom haha.  Each of these rooms has its own Charm, the bath room is full with working tub, shower and cabinet with working sink!  The Bedroom has a fireplace in it, and bay doors that lead out to the Patio if you want that late night swim.  And the Extra sitting room/Game room has the same door that would lead out to the patio for guests you might have coming over.

Well that is the conclusion of our tour, I hope you still have all your limbs as you kept your hands and feet inside the tram at all times?  This house is truely amazing, the amount of ways it could be used is amazing.  I cannot wait to start my New Year in a house as grand as this.  Its Affordable and Large, and great for a good family heck even alone.  Well I am off to decorate this fantabulous find.  And thank you Mr Maven for allow me to show off your gorgeous work. 

Land impact: 366 (314 without the kitchen and bathroom)
Size: 56 m x 47 m
Recommended parcel size: 4096 sq.m. or larger
• Two bedrooms
• Bathroom
• Kitchen
• Dining room
• Living room
• Family room
• Foyer
• Patio with swimming pool and fire pit
• Fireplace
• Animated poses in shower, bath tub, bathroom sinks, and kitchen stools
• Full set of appliances in kitchen
• Running water in taps
• Duck

Maven Homes
Quantum Destiny Homes

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