Monday, August 12, 2013

A Good Day for a Party!! and stuff

Haha, okay so, as you all know I am working on getting my hands in the Home and Garden aspect of things. I am a total newb at blogging this kinda stuff, so please if you have tips and stuff for me please leave a comment down below because I would love to display things in the best possible way to make them look even better. 

Alright so !! Follow US !! is a cute little store, that I found while at The Home Show (which is now over) But I had gotten some items from them to show you now which is in their main store. Three peices to be exact.  I thought two of them would look amazing in a outside party like setting. The other piece is a Photographer shelf. I put a pic of my best friend and myself on it. Because ... yea he is adorable and stuff.  I think these would make great additions to anyones home. 

*note* though not shown each of the outside pieces has poses in them, the birthday set for the "birthday person" to sit on and look pretty or handsome. And The Romantic Bar, has a both single and couples poses.  Each one gives out props of wines and smokes.

 First 3 pictures items:
!! Follow US !! Romantic Bar NEW
!! Follow US !! Gift - Birthday NEW

Item shown: !! Follow US !! Coat rack - Photographer

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