Monday, June 3, 2013

Acrostic Poem Meme

Happy Meme Monday my readers, so Berry put out another meme. This one I can do woot! I couldnt for the life of me find something to teach someone that people dont already know. So thank you for this one lol.  So this is a Acrostic Poem. Now you are prolly like what the heck is a Acrostic Poem.. well this is what it is...

An Acrostic Poem is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word.  Ok so you think you might help? Berry gave us some websites to use...which I done ♥  Acrostic Poems Website
Which gave me this....
And for you cheaters out there....which I am gonna do too...there is this Acrostic Poem Generator

Apparently it thinks of me as positive and OLD....I am giggling...but here you go the cheater version

L is for Light-hearted, you have an easy laughter
I is for Inspirational, motivating people for the better
V is for Victorious, you're a winner
V is for Vintage, you're a collector's item
Y is for Yes, always believing in yourself

Ok so that is it for Meme Monday. I hope you enjoyed.  As for my picture since its about me blogging on my platform being anti social...that is what it looks like all dolled up...with the point of the meme my name :D ♥


  1. this was really fun! I'm liking the dressing up our platforms theme going on, yours looks so much nicer