Monday, August 14, 2017

Is this Good Bye?

Not really but keep reading!!

If Nothing Lasts Forever

This is one of the hardest things, and yet one of the most exciting things I have ever had to write.

I am moving the blog to a new location. This blog was started on December 24th 2011.  Livvy's Boudoir has been a major part of my Second Life for so long its rather hard to say good bye.  But there comes a time when you have to move forward in life and go on to bigger things.  This has been a choice that has been weighing on me for so long.

There are several reasons I wanted to move my blog.  I wanted my own domain under better control to grow the blogs look and feel and to have a little more control.  Plus, I am very happy right now in my life with my new love life restarted.  While Caleb was very understanding and would have happily blogged on here with me, but it didn't feel right.  Don't get me wrong I would have been more than happy to share, but deep inside it was not the right fit for us.

So we came up with a new blog, one that would represent us both, one that wasn't attached to just my name.  So for me this is a semi fresh new start, as I had to move all my posts from this year to the new blog, incorporate Caleb, trans my feeds over, and all the other little information.  But now if you check us out, you will definitely get the vibe of two people.

Our Blog is :

The title of our blog is a special meaning for us so this is the new leap forward.  I am not shutting this blog down totally, it will still be here, but for now my posts will be on the new blog.  I would love to have my current readers to come see our new page, and follow if you wish!  The flickr will remain the same.  And if you do come over to the new blog, check out Caleb's work, he is slow at blogging, but when he does ... its amazing.  He is so good at spinning the words and making you want all the things.  Caleb will be one hell of a good male blogger when he gets his feets going.

So for now this is me signing off on this blog, and moving to the newer blog.  This is an exciting new journey for me.  And now I can say us ... because Caleb is coming with me.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Booty Booty Booty

Hello my pretty people, I am back! I even brought the boyfriend with me too.  So we did a little fun photo shoot with the new Apple May outfit.  This lovely jeans and top set is perfect in so many ways.  For them girls that have smaller booties that wanna have a pop once in a while, whelp you can totally have that in these.  As you can see King Caleb here, had no issue with the size of the booty on these pants.  I will say that size does change with your slider so if you have a small booty you will have a smaller size.  I have what I believe is a medium butt soooo... my booty was a bit bigger ♥

With these pants there is a lace halter top that is tied in the back its cute.  The front of the pants has lace on them! These are extremely detailed and look so good.  The pants are made in the skinny jean version so tight around the legs.  I love how you can wear these with heels.   So you might be asking how did the butt grabbing commence, well, in typical male fashion - girl walks by - man see's the butt - man can't help himself and BAM out comes the camera and the picture taking happens and you know he had to have it.  KIDDING - I know all men aren't like that.  But we figured it was the perfect opportunity to be a little more immature in our lives.  As if we don't do that enough.  Besides, look at his classic face.  Like Hey girl HEEEEEY.  hahahaha  -- I will update where this outfit can be found as soon as that information is released ♥

Outfit:  (AMD) Shyra - By Apple May - Location of Release coming soon! 
Shoes:  REIGN.- Madame Booties - BLACK - By KenadeeCole - Main Store 
Background: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Wood Panel 3 - By faullon - The Gacha Garden

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Fun in the Sun

Good morning/Afternoon my pretty people! I am blogging on the new blog for this post, just to see how it runs.  I will be doing a more dedicated post for that in a little while.  So this is basically a tester post ♥  Anyhooo, I am really excited to show you a this new bathing suit from Just Because, While you cant really see this in the picture, this is a one piece suit, that has a mesh covering on the belly, because I chose the nude metallic color, it comes off as not really visible which is really cool and I love the effect.  The material is wonderful in the materials area too, I was loving looking at the way the lights would play on parts of it.  For me this is going to be a go to bathing suit for the rest of the summer, and like I always say … a must have in the inventory for any girl ♥
I am sporting some new shades from Izzie’s! Now, I think depending on your monitor you might not be able to see the water drips on the lenses but omgosh is it amazing when you use the right lighting, or no lighting for that matter.  There is a HUD that allows you have the frames wet too, or just the lenses, in my case, I did just the lenses, but I must say the whole outcome is perfect for those of us that don’t like taking our shades off in the water, its not like they can float off our faces sooo why not have some realistic like water shades.
Lastly, while the Hair Fair 2017 is over doesn’t mean that we have to stop showing off the hairs right?! Sooo, here is another hair that I bought from the Hair Fair, but I wanted to state it is possible that you can still purchase any of these hairs in the store.  But I am in love with the wet hair from Tram.  This is a little piece that is great for when you want to have that wet hair look for the beach, pool or shower looks.  I swear designers are so talented when it comes to hair.  I know I wouldn’t have the patience to make one.  So make sure you head over to their store and check them out.
Glasses:  Izzie’s – Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses  | Izzie Button | Main Store 
Swimsuit:  JustBECAUSE~Nessa Swimsuit (Sheer)   | Annie Melson | Main Store
Hair: tram G0519 hair(M)  | moca Loup | Hair Fair 2017 – Possible Main Store
Head:  .LeLutka.HUD.Simone 2.7  | Thora Charron |
Skin:  Glam Affair – Milena ( LeLutka Applier ) America  | Aida Ewing | UBER
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lazy Summer Fun Day...

Hiiii everyone! Who is holding on to the ending of the summer days? I know over here in the US, we are clinging to our finals month or so of our summer before it goes to that amazing Autumn time where sweaters come out.  Then again I guess if you are in the south or the West Coast (*eyes Caleb*) you could be in the summer all year long where its always warm and you can go to the beach forever.  I swear ... ugh.

Anyhoo, we went shopping at a few events this month, and for the furniture aspect of things, we found this so cute adorable pool by Circa! Not only that with this area of stuff in her booth we managed to get our hands on the star fishes that I stuck on the side of the inflatable.  What really is cool, is yes while I have them there, it is however made for the beach floor, so I will be littering them all over our island soon enough.  The pool also has 18 poses in it for your fun time splashing around, now this item is made for the family setting, so no adulting in this one unless you use your imagination (seriously who did the Sponge-bob hand wave for that?) I also snagged up some floaties that go with this pool from Circa too!  But there is a bonus!!! So if you manage to get your hands on the fat-pack set you get the bonus palm trees which are pictured too.   So make sure you check that out, and I am almost positive that when the events are over you can find them in her main store location πŸ˜‰

Next we went to the Comopolitan and omgosh, I found this really cute table of the goodies by Focus Poses, now this however is more for decoration because there are no poses in this set.  Which is really fine for me, specially when you are looking to for that quick snack table to place out.  This was exactly what was needed.  Now just a warning, there are adulting beverages on here so if you have the kids over ... make sure you tell them to not grab the beers πŸ’™

So check out the events and these amazing designers while there check out the other booths too, you never know what you will find 🐻

Items by Cherelle Capra  @ The Home Show
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Long Inflatable Pool w/Motifs (18pos)
[CIRCA] - "SeaLife" Stafish - Sand Triple
[CIRCA] - "SeaLife" Stafish - Sand Duo
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Float Lounger -Stripe Fabric (18 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Pool Ring w/ Rest -Pineapple (12 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Pool Ring - Monkey (14 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Pool U-Float - 8 Colour (10 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Tropical Cocktail Table - (Giver)
[CIRCA] - "Beach Life" Palm Tree - Multiple Trees Used from Set

Items By Carol Kling @ Cosmopolitan
[ Focus Poses ] Pool Party Table
[ Focus Poses ] Flamingo Garden Decor

Created By Mitsuko Kytori
Hayabusa Design Bamboo Tree M16-2 v1-1 Hydra-G

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Alexis is here!

Hi everyone! So ... who of you really loved the LOGO Alex head?  I know I did.  Well now you can purchase Alexis.  Just a few things to know about Alexis.  First off she is a BENTO head so you can control some of the bones in the face to make her look (with limits) how you want.  Please try the demo! You can find this lovely at Mesh Body Addicts.  Another thing is if you have the ALEX head, please keep in mind that head was static and that the animations do not work for it.  The update for those are coming soon.

For the complete look the following items  from the folder should be worn:

- Head
- Eyes
- Eyelashes
- Teeth
- Shape
- Eyebrow Shape
- Head Alpha
- Hair Base (optional)
- Makeup/Tattoo Layer (optional but alternatively you can also make copies and wear as many as you want by right-clicking and selecting Add to put it on)

Lastly if you are to wear OMEGA items you will need the LOGO Omega HUD ... so please make sure you pick it up at the store, and that price is 99L like all the others for other heads πŸ’

Next is my necklace/earring set from Cae.  This gorgeous Y shaped necklace is totally customizable.  Wearing the HUD you can change the stone color choices to one of the many available.  If you buy the set together, you can also change the earrings on the same HUD.  You do however have the option to purchase these items separate.  I am completely in love with this set though, because its a beautiful piece that you can dress up or down in.  And yet gives your outfit that hint of flair that allows you to feel pretty. You can find these accessories at FaMESHed which just opened so it might take a hot minute to get in.  But it will be totally worth it.πŸ’˜

Have fun shopping and check out below for the complete names and designers so you can go shopping too 😜

Necklace: Cae :: Avery :: Necklace  | caelan.hancroft | FaMESHed
Earrings: Cae :: Avery :: Earring   | caelan.hancroft | FaMESHed
Hair:  *barberyumyum*P01(blonde)  | toraji Voom | SaNaRae
Shirt: Blueberry - Lace Tops Gift - Long  | Blueberryxx | Gifty

Head: LOGO Alexis v1.1 Head | Maximillion Grant | Mesh Body Addicts
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  

Friday, July 28, 2017

Getting Ready in Bed ..

Hiii everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to the weekend! I hit up UBER as it opened on the 25th and I got some really cute items.  Lets start with this amazing dress! I mean really, its a really beautiful color (wine).  This beauty is from Erratic, and its pretty for dressing up and going out on a date.  In fact, that is what I been getting ready for, a date with my lovely.  So a wonderful time dancing and this was the perfect dress for it! I absolutely love the detail of this dress.  It might be short but it fits soooo well.

If you are a hair freak like me and you want all the hairs, then you will want this beauty in your collection.  I say this because Exile has done it again.  This too is at the UBER event, and its gorgeous.  I am in love with this side swept look and its very well done.  I have this natural gravitation towards his blonds color.  Mostly, because I tend to find that they are so well done and textured so great.  I am always excited when I see an Exile hair hit the grid,  always impressed by his looks and style.  Classy and perfect with this dress.

So that is basically what I wanted to cover in this post, its basically to tell you all to go to UBER and get your shop on.  I mean who wouldn't love these items and and and who doesn't love a good event, and now that its been a couple days it should be much easier to get into now 😘

Dress:  erratic / nicki - ruched dress / wine (maitreya)  | erratic.rain |  UBER 
Hair:  Exile:: Shape of You  | Kavar Cleanslate |  UBER
Shoes:  REIGN.- Becca Heels (Maitreya-High)- BLACK  | kenadeecole | 
Necklace:  Cae :: Serena :: Necklace  | caelan.hancroft | 
Earrings:  Cae :: Serena Earring - Star  | caelan.hancroft | 

Head: LOGO Quinn v1.0 Head | Maximillion Grant |
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Simple Beauty..

Hi everyone! So once again I am back and showing off a really great outfit, so this is the new release by Addams.  There are three parts you can purchase.  The Shirt, the bikini top, and the shorts.  Now right this moment if you get the top fatpack, you get the fatpack of the bikini top included.  This two in one is worth it if you are one that loves to get all the colors.  So you know I did just that.  The top and the shirt come with separate HUDs in the package so that you can control the colors.  The shirt comes with normal colors and tartan colors (flannel).  The Bikini top comes in a TON of solid colors and believe me they are rawr.  So .. with these two items you can wear them together or separate, that is your choice of how you wanna dress yourself.

Now shorts, there is a fat pack with so many colors, and there is also the option to buy the singles.  Now if you were like me and went right when the shorts went on sale, you might have noticed that the HUD was not working correctly to remove the laces on the shorts.  While this can be frustrating, I would like to mention something really amazing.  Being a blogger, I can sympathize with issues happening not everything is going to be perfect all the time.  So, I realized the creator probably was being bombed with lots of negative comments about items not working.  But be patient okay.  I listed off the numbers that I bought so she could know what I had wrong.  But, Amalia was absolutely amazing.  While I am not a blogger for her personally, how she handled her business with such sweetness and grace makes me want to showcase her items more.  Not for one moment was she rude, or ignored the mention of items not behaving, instead she quickly fixed the issue, and sent out a notice saying that there was an update to please stop at the store and pick it up.  She had this done and out within an hour.  That is way above and beyond anything I have ever seen. BUT with in minutes of my issue, she had a new set to me, so ... yes, I want to shout out her customer service she deserves to be recognized for it.

So that is going to be it for this post, I wanted to rave and shout out a little about what great customer service is really like, and what makes me want to shop more! I know that is different than my normal, but hey, I am starting a whole new circle in my blog, and I think it would be a great idea to shout out greatness.  So go check out her store, have fun shopping, get all the clothes and make your style! ♥

Hair:  :::Phoenix::: Clarissa Hair [Fitted Mesh]  | xxryvenxx | 
Top:  Addams // Cristal Bikini Top // Maitreya  | AmaliaRainwood | NEW RELEASE
Shirt:  Addams // Cristal Shirt // Maitreya  | AmaliaRainwood | NEW RELEASE
Shorts:  Addams // Pearl Short // Maitreya  | AmaliaRainwood | NEW RELEASE
Foodie:  {yumyum}Today's shaved(mango) | toraji Voom | Group Gift ♥

Head: LOGO Quinn v1.0 Head | Maximillion Grant |
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Subtle Beauty..

Good Afternoon my beauties .. I am happy to show off a couple of new store releases from Just Because.  This darling body suit was a such a hit that the creator heard our pleas and made a skirt to go along with it! Even better this skirt is a great fit for a lot of other clothing that she makes too! So make sure you test that out.  What I love about this, is the fat-pack, you get some very unique extras in the pack.  Different colors and wonderful looks.  But I have to rave about the details on the bodysuit itself.  When I first seen this suit, I thought the details were a painted on thing, and they are not! They are detailed little mesh parts that are integrated into the outfit. NOT only that, they are completely customizeable too, which gives so many more styles you can make. I had so much fun playing with the little details of the outfit, so make sure when you go to get your own that you play with the DEMO and see how you like it and get the one that is perfect for you!

So, I was Fifty Linden Friday Shopping yesterday.  I found this gorgeous hair from Clawtooth.  There are two different packs you can pick up or you can get them both! I am showing off the Browns pack with roots, there was also a colors pack with roots.  This hair is nice and poofy like with flair.  I am in love with how this hair is side swept and curly. Its a beautiful look and great for dressing up or wearing it for a casual day.

FaMESHed is coming to a close for this round and you still have a moment to head on over and pick up some great items.  I am sporting my one of my favorite accessories designers! This is a necklace earring set by Cae.  You can however purchase these as separate items. And one thing that is amazing with her items is they are totally mix and matchable with other Cae items, so you like earrings from one set ... well you can pair it with a different necklace ... and while this set doesn't have a bracelet, she does sell them and you can add one with! This set comes with a HUD too so you can change the metals, and the jewels for each section of the jewelry, so you can match your outfits and look completely amazing!

That is all I wanted to show you in this post, I do have all my items listed below.  Make sure you try the demos and have fun with your shopping adventure!

Earrings:  Cae :: Chelsea :: Earring  | caelan.hancroft | FaMESHed
Necklace:  Cae :: Chelsea :: Necklace  | caelan.hancroft FaMESHed
Hair:  Clawtooth: Pull My Trigger - Brunettes W/Roots Pack  | Bubbles Clawtooth | Fifty Linden Friday
Bodysuit:  JustBECAUSE~IsaBodysuit(Sheer)~FatPack~Lara  | Annie Melson | NEW Main Store 
Skirt:  JustBECAUSE~IsadoreSkirt(Sheer)~FatPack~Lara  | Annie Melson NEW Main Store 
Glasses:  PEACHES. - SparklingGlasses// Black | rachealx |

Head: LOGO Quinn v1.0 Head | Maximillion Grant |
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Little Road Trip

Hello beautiful people!! So I went traveling all over the SL worlds, with my lovvy.  And found some amazing items.  New events are now opened.  Please keep in mind that while these events are opened just fresh, you need to be patient in the fact that it will be hard to get into.

Men's Dept.

I think though I bought the most from Collabor88 including this amazing little bug ♥ This car is perfect for the vintage look, or your beachy look.  The car comes in different colors, and I personally really loved the green one the moment I seen it.  There is pink, blue,  and yellow to choose from as well.  While here you can find my outfit which is Erratic (I let the boyfriend choose the colors, isn't he great, I really love his style choice)  There are a ton of colors available for the choosing, and there is the fatpacks too.  Which will give you unlimited amounts of choices for your mix and matches.  I also got my hair from here too.  This is by Exile.  I really love his styles, there are a plethora of colors, all of which come in color packs and they are all so pretty.  All of which I needed so the fatpack was a choice for me!

While I am big on the whole men need their own look - I couldn't help but lay claim to these aviator glasses.  I got them at the Men' s Department, now you can blame Caleb for the reason I have them, because he dragged me to the event and I welp I bought them! But these frames are extremely well made, they are from ZOOM.  What I like is that there are different metal choices as well as different lens choices.  So you can pick different looks and essentially have different glasses each time you wear them ... or you can be like me and choose your favorite, which is the silver with slightly black lens.

Now, I am gonna end here because I am rambling and well we all know that no one reallllly reads these things.  So have fun shopping and show off your looks.  ♥

Necklace:  Cae :: Anchored :: Necklace | caelan.hancroft |
Jacket:  erratic / piper - jacket / mint (maitreya) | erratic.rain | Collabor88
Shorts:  erratic / piper - shorts / hotpink (maitreya) | erratic.rain | Collabor88
Shirt:  erratic / piper - top / white (maitreya) | erratic.rain | Collabor88
Sneakers:  Eudora3D Sneakers Maitreya | Eudora3D | NEW
Hair:  Exile:: Summer Glow | Kavar Cleanslate |  NEW
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Don Draper Glasses | Jonas Acanthus | Mens Dept

Head: LOGO Quinn v1.0 Head | Maximillion Grant |
Shape:  LOGO Quinn v1.0 Shape (Livvy Made 1)
Skin:  [PF] <Biscuit> - Morgana - LOGO ALEX Head Applier | mochi.milena | 
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 | Onyx LeShelle |  

Car:  NOMAD // Vintage Roadtrip Car // Lime | piraiyah.novikov | Collabor88
Beach Bag:  #EMPIRE - Beach Day - Beach Bag | queenshop | Epiphany

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hair Fair 2017 For Men

This year's Hair Fair is quickly coming to a close (last day is Sunday, July 16th) and there were quite a few hair selection for the men. All donations go to Wigs for Kids, providing charitable assistance to children who have lost their hair due to medical issues. So while you shop, know that your contribution is going to a good cause!

I ended up picking up four different pieces, but one in particular stood out in its uniqueness. Argrace's MIKAGE hair is no ordinary hair, featuring dripping wet hair strands and, most notably, a towel draped on top of the head. Certainly not an every day hair, but for the perfect situation, it is most definitely the perfect when I just hopped out of the shower after a long day. Nothing like washing off that summer heat with a nice cold shower.

MIKAGE is rigged mesh, coming in two sizes for men and eight sizes for women with varying size chest areas. The towel can be changed to six different colors: white, light blue, pink, light brown, dark brown, and navy blue.

You can get this awesome hair at Argrace's vendor at Hair Fair. While you are there, be sure to check out all the other hairs, as there are quite a bit to choose from at the four total sims this year. To make it easy, male hairs can be easily located if you look above each store and checking if there is a male symbol there or not. This made shopping at the event so much easier! So no excuses - go check out the Hair Fair before it ends and support Wigs for Kids!


Hair: *ARGRACE* MIKAGE - Dark Browns by rika Oyen at Hair Fair 2017
Body Applier: Izzie's - Wet Body & Face by Izzie Button at Summerfest '17