Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shoes to have Fun in!!

So this is a fun post! Its all about shoes.  Not just any shoes, but Apple May shoes.  And her newest ones are the ones in the center picture.  They are gorgeous unicorns.  So after you have had a hard day in your heels (which she has too as you can see in the picture and cutes ones on that) you can change into the flats.  Walk and skip around and feel free with out worrying about breaking your ankles and nope ... that was not a bad comment about her shoes, that is me stating what all women know, wearing heels for a long period of time hurt and you wanna come home and kick off your shoes and be like yaaaaaas, let my feet be free hahahaha.

Either way you need to check out her stuff and get all the shoes, she has many many many cute ones for you to pick out and wear, all of mine are made for the Maitreya body.  There are for other bodies too, so please make sure you check before you buy.

Shoes by Apple May - You can catch a ride to her store HERE
First Shoes:  (AMD) - Tattoo'd Heels
Middle Shoes:  (AMD) - Unicorn Toes
Last set:  (AMD) - Bow Booties

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