Saturday, October 22, 2016

Witchy Livvy

You still have time to hit up Epiphany.  This is a gacha event where you can win some of the best items from Designers.  I mixed and matched my winnings from the black and the cherry colors.  But I am going to tell you there are more to win from!! I am showing off the Secret set from Blueberry.  These are clearly marked for the size that you need.  She covers the majority of all the popular bodies, so I am sure you can find your right fit.  I do believe, there is a demo section too, so you can try before you buy.  I had fun making a little background for my picture today! The broom has stars floating around it, and the ones that fly away I did add, so please dont ask why yours dont fly away too, those are Photoshop. 

Need a great witchy hair?  Well at Collabor88 you can pick up the new hair from Exile.  Oddly, I did not go with my normal blond from this creator, I am actually doing the grayish white color.  I absolutely love how that the color completed my look.  The contrast was nice for all the dark colors in my pictures.  Its long and flowing, total mesh and fit amazing on my Catwa head.  So make sure you check Exiles hair out  ... (there are three of them.)

 Blueberry Gatcha @ Epiphany | blueberryxx |
#11 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON / Hat - Maitreya - Black
#17 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON / Panties - Maitreya - Cherry
#2 Blueberry - Secret / RARE / Dress - Maitreya - Cherry
#21 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON / Armlets - Maitreya - Black
#27 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON / (Wear Me) Broom - CherryBlack
#4 Blueberry - Secret / RARE / Boots - Maitreya - Black
Hair:  Exile::Spring | Kavar Cleanslate | Collabor88
Head:  CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.9 | catwa.clip |
Eyes:  CATWA UN-RIGGED EYES | catwa.clip |
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) America 02 | Aida Ewing |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5 | Onyx LeShelle |

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