Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Peacock Bedroom

While doing Home and  Garden posts take forever to do, they are the most fun for me.  I love decorating, and I love seeing new designs and adding new things to my house.  Though I admit that when I put new things down older things need to come up and they are so hard to part with.

Sway's with all her stuff always makes it hard to decide what I want to keep and what  I want to pick up.  So this release is gonna be for the Arcade.  So many items to collect and you get a bonus.  When you play 25 times you get a special prize.  Which I am not gonna disclose, I think it would be more fun for you all to discover it.  But trust me when I say its worth it.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on this set ... that is ok just go to her store and shop her other items till you can get into Arcade and gacha your heart out.  Believe me you will find something you like there.  I always do!

29 to collect - 4 *rares
original mesh, material ready

Land impact between 1 - 12

RARE:  Bed* with 12 Friends / Single animations and 10 Couple animations
RARE:  Chair* with 12 Single animation
Pouf* with 12 Single animation
Ceiling and Table Lamp, light on / off by touch
Candlestick Flame on / off by touch

Playing the machine 25 times gives out the REWARD
only available at Arcade September!

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