Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pastries in the Garden

I decided to spend the day outside in my yard.  While there I was placing out a cute little table that  I got from Sway's.  This table and chair set is cute for the spring weather that is happening.  There is so much you can do with this table.  Its great for outside.

I went to poche too.  This place is a cute Japanese store that has amazing food.  EXTREMELY detailed if you ask me.  I love getting goodies and treats from here. And to be honest, its really cheap to get things here.  So much you can purchase, and its set up in a cute little japanese tea house.

Check out these stores and have fun shopping.  ♥

Items by Sway Dench
Sway's [Tess] Chair . spring
Sway's [Tess] Chair . sunrise
Sway's [Tess] Table . sky
Sway's [Maya] Welcome Sign . pink
Sway's [Maya] Bench

Item by jiansl
JIAN :: Fallen Bunny Log

Items by miyu Adder
Anne of Green Gables gacha3 poche box
Anne of Green Gables gacha4 poche box
Anne of Green Gables gacha5 poche box
Anne of Green Gables gacha6 poche box

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