Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hi everyone.  I am posting this one a bit of a last minute, I had some internet issues the last couple of weeks and its hit and miss when I can get a picture to upload.  This one went through and I am happy to show it off.. the bad thing is the Color me Project  for Circa items will end tomorrow.  So today is your last day to get them at the event.  BUT good news is after the event Cherelle is usually good at putting the items out at her main store.  So I am sure you will not miss anything!

To accent come of the rooms, I have placed out some of Sway's items too the mix of these two designers is amazing and I love how the colors fit together.  I am using the adult version of Sway's sled bench.  This pretty piece holds many poses of the good and the naughty ... its a must have and it made a great centerpiece for my room.  The colors were amazing. 

Items by Cherelle Capra
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Area Rug - Amaranth Damask (Style 1)
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Area Rug - Amaranth Damask (Style 2)
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Elegant Wall Table - White / Amaranth
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Birdcage - Pink & Pink Roses
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Dasmask Curtains - Amaranth 
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Multi Frame Heart - Petal 
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Vintage Side Table - White / Amaranth 
[CIRCA] - "Love Notes" Letter Ladder & Rose Bush - Pinks (L)

Items by Sway Dench
Sway's [Sled] Bench / Adult Wayward Winter (over now ... try main store soon!)
Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . silver  Tres Chic
Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . with decoration Lost and Found Item
Sway's [Keira] Candlestick . A  Past FLF item
Sway's [Keira] Candlestick . B Past FLF item
Sway's [Keira] Picture frame . empty frame Past FLF item

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