Saturday, January 16, 2016

Candy and Flowers

Hello everyone! So today is going to be a Home and Garden post, and I have a feeling in the future you will be seeing more of them too.  So much is hitting the grid with events this month and I have three great ones for you to check out.  They are The Liaison Collaborative, Love to Decorate Event (LTD) and Epiphany. 

Each of these events are hosting some of the greatest furniture makers around.  I have Sway's, Cheeky Pea, and Stockholm & Lima featured in my post.  These are people I buy from in a heart beat, based on how they create and how their items are made.  Always their own and always so well made.

If you are looking for some items to take up a little space in your home you definately want to check out Sway's.  I am loving her chest of drawers and rugs that can be placed all over your house, they are great splashes of color that will brighten any room!

Cheeky Pea is offering up this amazing hanging chair, that is filled with poses.  Coming in both PG and Adult you cannot go wrong with this piece in your house. At LTD is three different color choices that you can pick from and you can see from my picture the amazing detail that is to be had here.  Normal windlight and barely touched up to make the pop happen its a gorgeous piece.

On my chair is the amazing candy/flower set from Stockholm & Lima, I played the Gacha a couple times before I was kicked due to the sim going down and it having issues so I was only able to grab these two before the sim went away (it is back up as of now).  But Epiphany is an amazing gacha event that you can win prizes and trade in your extras if you so choose too.  I am in love with this set from Stockholm.  This will be one that I want to go back (as soon as I can get in) and finish the collection off.  But for now you can have some flowers and candy with me ♥

Sway's [Ihina] chest of drawers . tall | Sway Dench | The Liaison Collaborative
Sway's [Ihina] chest of drawers . small | Sway Dench | The Liaison Collaborative
Sway's [Ihina] Rug with fringes | Sway Dench | The Liaison Collaborative
:CP: Harmony Hanging Canopy Lounger (Adult) | Isla Gealach | LTD Event
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Flower Box | surrealia.anatine | Epiphany
Stockholm&Lima: Valentine's Blush Candy Box (closed) | surrealia.anatine | Epiphany

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