Saturday, December 19, 2015

So much Celebration!!

Hi everyone! Two great events happening right now.  One of them Being FROST, hosted by Depraved Nation,  this event is running till the begining of next year, so you have time to go and get all your wintry gear.  In this picture I am showing off this really cute Wire Deer from Kenvie that is located at the event.  I really love that its animal friendly and you can still use it for the holidays ♥

Then there is We <3 RP and what is nice about this event is that you don't have to be a Role Player to shop here.  You can do anything you want with this event.  What I am loving this round is this set from Artisan Fantasy.  This amazing little set has two choices you can have Hanuka or Christmas.  I couldn't make a choice of which I like, I think they are both beautiful pieces and love showing them both off, and look at the presents lol.   Lots of presents.

Created by xmike Deed
Kenvie - Raindeer - Silver - FROST

Created by artizanmesh
*AF* Christmas Trees for 2015  - WE <3 RP
*AF* Gingerbread House
*AF* Hanging Cookie Cutters
*AF* Paper Trees
*AF* Individual TRANSFERABLE Gift Boxes

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