Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa is Coming to Your Home

Hi everyone.  I wanted to show off some amazing newness from Aphrodite/Heart Homes.  Just in time for the holidays you can get these amazing winter items for your land.  This porch set is made for the outside, and I put mine on the gazebo, sheltered from the snow and yet having an amazing view.  This set I have shown here, is the couples, so you and your love could sit outside, near a fire and snuggle down watching the winter snow fall from the sky. 

I have as well two more item from them that are Christmas themed.  Santa is coming to town and to your home.  Click this guy and get some food goodies that will make your day a bit more cheerful.  he as well plays some music and rings his bell.  Definitely a item to bring joy to your day.

Behind my Santa I have a Christmas tree.  This one is the PG version, there is a family and a naughty version.  For the purpose of my blog this is the PG one, I will have in the next one that naughty one that will have a bit of a explicit site to it.  The poses on this tree are smooth and amazingly done.  You have so many options that you and your family can decorate, pose and have a grand time.  This tree is definitely one that you will want in your home for the holidays.

Items created by Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood
<Heart Homes> Merry Christmas Tree PG - Tres Chic
Aphrodite Merry Christmas Santa Claus - With Cocoa Giver - NEW
Aphrodite "Winter garden" Porch Set - NEW

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