Thursday, December 10, 2015

A VERY Naughty Christmas

Hi everyone!  As mentioned yesterday, I was gonna post the naughty version of this tree. I enlisted the Future Husband to get on this tree with me.   Yesss the Aphrodite/Heart Homes team created a kinky creation.  This tree has it all.  Every naughty little thing you would need to make your Christmas enough to make Santa want to blush.  The poses in here are fluid and not at all jittery as some poses can be, they are smooth and easy to adjust if you need to.  I found we didn't have to do much of that.  Not only that, if you want to lead up to the naughty you can do that, there are ways to RP out the decorating the tree.  There are cuddles and sweet items in it.  So you don't have to just jump on the tree and get right to being Naughty, but you could.... yea. 

<Heart Homes> Merry Christmas Tree (ADULT) 1.0c
Marina Ramer / Jaylin Whitewood

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