Monday, July 20, 2015

Every Girl needs Glamistry Shoes

Hiiii everyone.  I wanted to do a post about Glamistry shoes. Do you remember the store Kalnins?  I do back in the day they were the shoes to have.  Each time a new shoe would come out we would flock and grab what we could.  Then it would have seem they fell off the grid.  But guess what.  That designer is back and better than ever.  We now have Glamistry shoes.  And according to his profile he is a designer for Redgrave too! So you know there is talent when you are slipping your feets into these shoes.

From what I have seen each show is hand crafted original mesh, I have not seen the shoes I wear from this creator in any other store. What I love is the textures, there are so many you can choose from.  There are different aspects of the shoe that allow you to change the colors.  If you have the fat packs of the shoes ... or maybe you want to pick and choose your colors you can do that as well.  Just purchase the one you want and add on your colors later.  Its a great price and your feet will love you for making them look good ♥

Glamistry : CALYSTEGIA Heels - |  glamistry  | 

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