Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wine and Dine Time - Aphrodite/Heart Homes

Aphrodite/Heart Homes, has released an amazing bunch of items recently.  To me they remind me of Italy.  The wines, cheeses, and dinners.  The little grill that fits perfect on the deck of any home. What I love about this designer is that when you get the box, the items come in a clump so all you have to do is rez the items in edit mode and place where you want.  And IF you want to move items around how you want them, you have that option. 

What  really stands out for me is the details of the items in the pictures.  Depending on your windlight you will see many different details on the textures.  For me the more realistic but not overly so are my favorites of Secondlife.  Aphrodite/Heart Homes is always improving on their looks.  I have been a shopper of them forever.  And both designers have come along way and even expanded.  Which is what drives me to stay.  I love watching those with talents grow.  It takes time and they are totally nailing it. ♥

Ride to Aphrodite/Heart Homes

Multicultural Menu event   <--- Items located here

Aphrodite - "La Bodega" Argentinian Wine corner Set
Aphrodite "Mesa de campo" Argentina con asado!
Aphrodite "Mesa de campo" Argentina con asado!
Aphrodite drinks trolley warm wood

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