Monday, May 11, 2015

Post 582 - Family Living Room

Hi everyone! A while back I blogged a furniture set for Aphrodite/Heart Homes, it was Blooming Spring in Paris.  It is a gorgeous set! Well they have done it again.  This is for the families in SL.  This is all family oriented right down to the little mugs on the table.  There are so many poses in this set all for the family.  And whats amazing is if you remember in my last post, I told you how the couch changed into a bed for guests that come over ... WELLLL now you can turn the little seat into a bed too! Its perfect for your smaller guests.  Or if you want to have sleepover in your living room you just place out these chairs and bam ... insta places for your littles to sleep.  They have blankets that will cover you up!

If you notice I have some little extra's floating around the set, like the scrabble like wording on the wall, and the calendar.  Those are from Plethora, I absolutely love their items.  Especially that calender.  I use it all the time.  What better is it seems that each year a new one comes out!

So you all need to check out each of these stores, and get your amazing items, because any of this would turn a dull room into a fantastic family room of fun!

Aphrodite: "Sweet family memories" Family Living Room | Marina Ramer  |

Plethora - Frosted Bunny Lamp | plethorasl  |
Plethora - Wall Art Calendar  | plethorasl  |
Plethora - Word Tiles Wall Decor | plethorasl  |

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