Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wayward Hunt Post 2

Hiiii everyone.  Wayward has offically open.  And I am showing off the first set of items that you can find.  My post today is more on the Home items of the hunt, I will go into fashion later.  These cute finds would make an awesome corner to any home or art studio, which is what I have sorta set up here.  Though you can use these items anywhere in your home.  The possibilities are endless in SL what you can use various things for. 

If you want to know more about this hunt you can check out Wayward Events Website
This site will keep you up to date on all upcoming events too, so make sure you add it to your book marks!

Check out more cool items here ---> Click me

Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Morrocan} | jammeh  | Wayward Hunt

Soy. Easel with your image (square) | Soyoy  | Wayward Hunt
Soy. Easel with your image (horizontal) | Soyoy  | Wayward Hunt
Soy. Easel with two frames | Soyoy  | Wayward Hunt
Alouette - Eggshell Seedling Planter |   | Wayward Hunt
Kalopsia - Vintage Bench | isabeau.baragula  | Wayward Hunt
unKindness - Hopper Brigade Coat Rack | jamie.rozenberg  | Wayward Hunt
:CP: The Rodeo Chime Tarnished |Isla Gealach   | Wayward Hunt
{what next} Dotty Cookie Jar | Winter Thorn  | Wayward Hunt
{what next} Dotty Plate of Cookies | Winter Thorn  | Wayward Hunt
B.C.C afternoon tea time Pumpkin Pie(Display) | vitamingir  | Wayward Hunt
B.C.C afternoon tea time Cream Cheesecake (Display) | vitamingir  | Wayward Hunt

[CIRCA] - "Spring Bloom" Chenille Area Rug - Aqua | Cherelle Capra  | Can be found at main store

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