Monday, March 16, 2015

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Hiiii everyone.  St Patricks Day is tomarrow and you know what that means right?! You need to get your green on because ... there will be pinchers, and trust me Imma be pinching a ton of booty if I dont see the green.  Just saying.  So you better do it. 

To help do St. Patrick's Day, you need to pick the amazing set that Aphrodite has done.  Because frankly like every year, and holiday, they have out done themselves.  This year is no different and believe me the goodies are getting yummier and yummier.  I am happy to show off the buffet spread and the bar that was released. 

Like all their amazing things each little part of the table and the foods give you something yummy yo eat, plus there are decorations to be played with. AND there are cute little baskets for your loved ones, you click and get a PUPPY! there are some for the girls and boys.  A little of everything for everyone, and yes, its possible to play with this with the kids too.  Just keep them from the beer.  As you can see I set out some juice for them. ♥

Where to find:
♥ New Releases EXCLUSIVE SALE for ROOM69 only!
 St Patrick's Irish bar
 Video here
♥ St Patrick's "Leprechaun" gift basket

♥ Buffet at the Main store! HERE

Please click to make the pictures bigger !!!

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