Saturday, February 28, 2015

Post 543

So new house means new stuff, and I made the boyfriend get the new rack from Lark, which is what my shoes are sitting it.  He nailed it to his closet for me to place my shoes, so I wouldn't take up all his space.  Smart huh?  Well if you went FLF shopping you could have picked yours up for 50L  if you are reading this now you might still have a chance as I missed it yesterday and got it just a little bit ago.  But depending on when you are reading this you might have missed it :(  But don't fear she will sell it when its over at the normal price.  Yah!  
Now they on this amazing little rack ... I have stuck all my Livalle Shoes ... ok well not all shoes, because I have a ton of her shoes, and believe me if I had to put out all her shoes, I would need about a billion racks because there are so many colors to choose from.  What I love though about her shoes is that if you want to display your shoes too, you can.  Because frankly she makes these amazing boxes that come with.  You just place them out and BAM you got shoe boxes, whats even better is most of them I have seen are actually just 1 land impact.  So you get to design and stick out all you want and not use that many prim! So hells ya for that.  This designer has thought of everything ♥♥

Shoes are for the slink feet

Lark - Display Shelf (E) [Sienia Trevellion]  FLF item
Shoes Starting from top shelf working down!
(Lindsey Warwick)
[L.Warwick] Umbriel -High Strapped Heels- Key Lime
[L.Warwick] Eliza -Cork Platform Wedges- Caribbean Blue
{Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Burgundy
{Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Pearl
[L.Warwick] Savannah -Ankle Strapped Heels- Ruby Leather
[L.Warwick] Savannah -Ankle Strapped Heels- Blue Leather
{Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Purple
{Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- KichiBlue

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