Friday, February 27, 2015

Post 542

Hiii Everyone, so I got a ton of stuff to show you.  I am gonna start off with AlterEgo.  Toxxic is in the Skin Fair 2015!! Which means yah you got me skins!! They are gorgeous, and they come with the new lip appliers for the sweet lips.  There are appliers for just about everything you can imagine for body parts, there is a huge list ... so I wont list them all.  But you can check out the demo.  Believe me I love this skins ♥  OK so Glamistry has a new thing ... and its not shoes! I was kinda shocked.  Now there are sunglasses in store.  Like the shoes though you get a HUD that you can use to change the different aspects of the glasses.  I was so excited to see this.  Sooo I am hoping that I will get to see more in the accessories department of this creator!♥  Next is Blueberry.  She is in the Uber event with these amazing shorts.  They are frayed at the ends, and the little tassels of string are so well done.  I love them.  My new favorites.  And they are compatible with my meshy body.  Along with the shorts you can head to the main store and check out her knotted tops, they are cute and so many colors to pick from too!♥  Luxe is at the Uber Event too.  Which means you will get many amazing accessories like the bracelets in my hands, and the necklace I am wearing.  They are adorable.  I love the dream catcher look.  One of my favorite things and it fitted so well too.  Which is a plus.  Resizers in the items for those that need to adjust.♥  While at Uber you can check out Pure Poison she has some really cute sandal there in the boho style.  So very cute and there are I think 4 different pairs.  And you get them all and woot they are so awesomely made and perfect for the warmer weather♥

♥ Shirt: Blueberry - Knotted Shirts - Maitreya - (blueberryxx)  NEW
♥ Pants: Blueberry - Ripped Denim Shorts - Belted - (blueberryxx) UBER
♥ Ring: LUXE. - Lady Silver Ring (jaycee.dover)
♥ Bracelet: LUXE. Dreamcatcher & Pearls Bracelet - Teal (jaycee.dover) UBER
♥ Necklace: LUXE. Knotted Dreamcatcher Necklace (jaycee.dover) UBER
♥ Necklace: LUXE. Wooden Bohemian Cuff - Dark (jaycee.dover) UBER
♥ Sandals: Pure Poison - Bohemian Romance Sandals - Simple Boho (Shaleene Kenin) UBER
♥ Sunglasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses  (Glamistry)  NEW
♥ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Delphine (Truth Hawks)  UBER
♥ Butterflies: TRUTH HAIR Delphine (Truth Hawks) UBER
♥ Flowers: TRUTH HAIR Delphine (Truth Hawks  UBER
♥ Base: [e] Hair Base - MyBrownHair (elikapeka.tiramisu)
♥ Lips: [PXL] SweetLips  v1.2 (hart.larsson)  NEW
♥ Skin: [ae] kensi - honey (toxxic.rhiannyr)  Skin Fair 2015
Pose:  Infinti -  Carefree (Brandi Monroe)  Fashion Fair 2015

♥ Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - (freya.olivieri)
♥ Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High (Siddean Munro)
♥ Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual (Siddean Munro)
♥ Shape: So Hawt SL Shapes - Harley (morgana.hilra)
♥ Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Storm Eye (funeral.plutonian)
♥ Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V1.0 (Onyx LeShelle)

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