Friday, February 13, 2015

Post 532

Hiiii everyone.  Valentines day is right around the corner, and I got my wish ... A valentine.  And a boyfriend for that matter! YAY!  So the good thing about this guy is he likes posing with me.  So lets go from that. 

This pose is part of the Thrift Shop going on right now.  And made by The Pose Shop.  The pose is called Cloud9 and believe me you will be floating on cloud nine.  The little hearts that are coming from my hand, to Caleb's arm cage ... and the one in his hand are all included in this set.  They are trans so you can pass back and forth as you need to, and you can use them for pictures of other people.  Just make sure you get them back as they are no copy!  I love this set its cute and romantical for V day.  So hurry over and pick it up. 

Want to know more about Thrift Shop?  Check it out here at Depraved Nation's website.

Pose : Cloud9 by The Pose Shop (Piper PatrucciTHRIFT SHOP

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