Thursday, February 12, 2015

Circa - Wintery Love

Oh Hi everyone, I got some cute things to show you for the Home and Garden.  One is for the outside and the other is inside.   Both items are brought to you by Circa.  I am totally in love with both honestly. 

So lets begin with outside.  This beautiful landscaping pond is something that is perfect for the winter.  Winter is almost over ... I think.  So you will want to hurry up and grab this one up.  It comes with all sorts or decorating goodies, and the tree stump you can sit on it.  You can get this pretty set at the main store right now, and there are some 10L gifts too if you look♥

Now that you are frozen and cold, you can come inside and actually have a wonderful meal! Thats right, you can warm up with your loved on and sit at this very cute couples table, with a lot of yummy treats.  You get everything shown, the benches, tables, scone, plants, and rug.  You click the clothe and you get a menu that allows you to choose your meals, and you just hit the clean up button and you are good to go.  Very nice to have for V-day.  A very nice setting ♥ 
With Love Fair!
      Timeline: Feb 6 - 20
      Discounted 50% off during the event

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