Thursday, January 29, 2015

Post 525 - Perfect10

Hii Everyone! I got a new little thing to talk about.  I was invited to check out a new Home and Garden event.  This is called Perfect 10.  Where creative designers of Home and Garden items (no clothing) will feature their items.

Do you want to know more about Perfect 10 and the people that run it?  Well click HERE.

Click here ... and you can take a ride to the event.  It goes from the 1st to the 15th!


Items from The Strawberry Box - (Jiovi Michigan)
FlynnBlue Chair
FlynnBrown Chair
Retro TV *touch to turn on/off*
Retro Art
Retro Rug
Working Vintage Radio *Deed to group, must own group*
Flynn Coffee Table
Flynn Tall  Table
Pink Lava Lamp
Blue Lava Lamp
Green Lava Lamp

Item from Michigans Shack - (2WAT Michigan)
Spartan Bed

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