Sunday, January 11, 2015

Post 517

Heeey everyone.  I failed today at cleaning the inventory when I said I was going to.  So what did I do. I filled it with more stuff.  I got rid of NOTHING! So what did I fill it with?  Well OMGacha is happening right now and that is what I did ... Gacha goodies and amoung them was The Hats and Rings from Luxe.  I am decked out in the Rare snapback and the many many many rings you can get.  I am going to tell you my dumb butt, I though I had my slink hands and didnt ... I got the maitreya hands on in this post.  So it took me a moment to fix them and get them situated.  BUT it does work folks you just gotta move them and shrink a little.  Past that they look amazing.  Wanna see more Click this !

Oh ... people did you know Chary is closing down? WHYYYY but ... ok we will let her have a break and come back with better things later right?  Well I got my glasses from her store at a great deal.  Everything is on sale for 50L.  I loaded up on her tattoo too.  Oh and upstairs there are shapes.  You should check them out because they are cute faces up in there. 

So what you waiting for .... go shopping already!!

Hat: LUXE - Snapback RARE (jaycee.dover) OMGacha
Rings: LUXE. - Hipster Rings (jaycee.dover) OMGacha
Glasses:  C h a r y . - Jelly Glasses (amberlee.martian) HUGE CLOSING SALE
Pose by GOLA (Ransie2 Oleander)

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