Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hiiii everyone.  I know some of you are already starting your New Years and some of us are still waiting *looks at Clock*  Friday you can get this amazing prop by Sway Dench, the owner of Sway's.  It will be part of the 50L Friday thing that everyone is so into these days.    I snagged my Fake husband for all intents and purposes.  Because he is like my total best friend and I wanna ring in my New Year on a good note and he is the Donkey to my Shrek.  So Yep.  Recruited.

So the prop comes in the amazing silver and gold that you see us proped on and you can get a colorful version as well.  The glitters (confetti) are part of the prop too, there are 4 total fun and funky poses so make sure you check it all out.  Get yours before they are normal price in the store again.

Sway's [2015] prop . gold & silver (Sway Dench) FLF Item

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