Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Aphrodite New Years!

HAPPY soon to be NEW YEARS!!!! Get it while its hot.  This amazing set from Aphrodite is extremely fun and food friendly.  I am loving on this there are so many things you can do and click.  You can get snacks and treats change colors and such.

1) Color Change:  The 2015 sign, arches & small table cover are colorchange to 9 colors. Click the following to get the colorchange menu, this works as OWNER of the items.

On the
-Arches: Click the "Happy"
-Small table: Click the White fabric
-2014 Sign: Click the invisible socket under the sign

2) Food: Click the Food item, accept what it gives you: Wear the item from your object folder.

3) Arches: There is one with and one without Fireworks above it. Use the one you like and copy as many as you need.


 As a Thank You Gift from Aphrodite you can get this very sweet and very well made dinner table set where you can do the following:

♥Get drinks, click on the pitcher or the champagne dispensers please and wear the drinks for your inventory.
♥Get hats or tiaras to wear for new year just click on the happy new year golden little sign on the table.
♥For turning lights on or off click on the paper lamps or candles

Enjoy your luxury New Year Eve candlelight dinner with your loved one!

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