Monday, November 3, 2014

Post 482

Hey everyone, I am bringing you another Uber Post, but this time its more for the furniture setting.  Do you like creepy and yet very interesting fun things, like kidnapping. Well I got a chair for you.  I am showing this setting for the chairs, I will do the outfit in the next post.  I promise.  This set is from Sway's and you can find it at Uber in the following versions, clean and bloody, there is a clean and bloody knife too, and there are blood puddles for you to place around. 

I have been a very naughty girl.  I have murdered a stalker and this set helped me do it.  Of course I got rid of the body, who could ever convict me with no body, now to clean up this mess ... gosh how will I ever do that ...

Ride to Uber
Ride to Sway's
Sway's [Tied up] Chair (clean and bloody versions)

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