Saturday, October 11, 2014

Post 470

Hii everyone, I got another post for you tonight, this one is furniture.  I am loving this decorating thing.  So....Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood, have a little spin off of their brand Aphrodite, and its called Heart Homes.  This is where you can find amazing furnishings outside of the food products that they are well known for.

So just in time for the fall season, you can pick up this cute and amazing, pose packed living room set, that is themed just for the fall.  The colors are vibrant of this set is a great addition to any fall home.  Of course its my new set.  I am loving the pieces that come with, two little single seats a lovely couch, a coffee table that is adorned with a basket of pumpkins and two candelabras yea, that is what I will call them, and a very seasonal rug.  The throw pillows on the couch are made up of fall sayings, and snuggly blankets that make the set complete.

Lastly from the Aphrodite part of the store, you can get this cute little decoration of squirrels a mommy and her two little babies fast asleep in a nest, all made of mesh, a nice low impact and great for the bottom of your tree or on the porch or other amazing little place you wanna stick these cuties.  They do emit little Zzzz's of sleeping as you see in the picture and they are snuggling a little peanut! So adorable.


 <HEART HOMES> "Fall into bliss" Autumn themed living room set
Aphrodite "My babies nest" Autumn decoration

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