Thursday, October 2, 2014

New For Apple May

Hii everyone.  So this is more a promotion post for me.  I love this designer, and Apple May has always been amazing to me, so I am gonna promote a couple of things going on in her store right now.


First up:
Untill October 8, you can get appliars for your SLINK bodies for 25L!!!  So if you own Apple May skins, and or even if you don't but might wanna check them out, I encourage you to do so.  I own some and the faces are adorable.  Now you can get the Mesh body appliers at discount. So hurry.

MENS SALE!! Men do you want some really amazingly well done mesh clothing?  Well make sure you check out the mens dept at Apple Mays.  There is a sale going on right now all mens items are 50L till October 11th!! So ladies if you got a man that you wanna dress up and get a good deal on well made clothing then you need to drag him out of the house and into the store and make him try on clothes!! You will not regret it! ♥
*Disclaimer*  One the pictures arent mine .... and two the sale DOES NOT include the items on the NEW release wall

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