Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Glam Affair Group Gifty

Hiii everyone.  I thought I would do a quick post on the new Glam Affair group gift that you can get right now! ♥  I am a huge fan of this brand and if you haven't noticed I been buying up her skins like crazy at the various events that are going on.  Welp Adia has done it again, and this time you get her free if you are in the group.  SIA in this very pretty Pearl color.  So for all you very pale girls out there this is your chance to get an amazing skin.  What I love about this (even though I dont go pale often) is this is like a doll, infact the skin name is Dead Doll.  The coloring is so smooth and pretty it was very easy to not touch up the skin at all.  I did light shadows and drew in hair ... but the skin itself is really untouched.   So make sure you head on over before she snaps it back up again.

Here is your ride

Glam Affair - Sia - Dead Doll (Aida Ewing)
Truth Hair - Birdie (Truth Hawks)

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