Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cozy Homes - Katrina Cottage

Hii Everyone!  So I am bringing you another home ... this one is a collaboration  by Cozy Homes, Paige Raven, and Terra Claremont.  Both were generous enough to let me blog the set up version that was on the land since it would take me a year to throw together a house.  But I will be using this home as a personal one very soon!

This is a two bedroom, one bath home.  Its 103 land impact.  As of right now you can get all rooms at a 50% discount.  So you need to hurry and get it before prices go back to normal.  This will be a rather easier post for me to get done.  EVERYTHING you see in my pictures is purchasable on the board outside the house, and if you want to purchase just a few items (decor in-front of house) it is all for sale individually inside/outside the house as well.  Everything is able to be tried out as well.  And if you have a little boy instead of little girls, there are plenty of boy bedroom sets inside the main store that can be substituted for your tastes.  As well as other amazing sets that could be purchased too.  Everything is packaged by room.  The house is sold as stand alone.  So you can mix and match however.

What  I love about this house is the design and the textures used for it. They are amazing fall colors on the inside and the decorations are perfect for the fall too. I am sure you want me to shut up now and show the pictures sooo  here you goooo.

Please Click Pictures to make them bigger ♥ (Yep that is the amazing Paige and her friends on the porch to welcome people)

Front of Katrina Cottage 

The front walk way
Living Room
Dinning Room
Halway/Laundry Room

Girls Bedroom

Reading Nook/Way Upstairs

Upstairs Media Room

Master Bedroom

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