Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Post 459

Welp I lied, this is my last post for the night.  So I was sitting enjoying my beach, and well you know what.  I heard this loud crash outside and then a splash.  I get up and go check it out and what do I find, a HUGE trunk filled with L.Warwick shoes! I figured this was on the plane of shipments that was to be sold at Uber this round ... and well you know what shhh! I am keeping them ... finders keepers and all that stuff ... not my fault they fell off the plane and into my waters ... They are perfect for my slink flat feet.  And on top of that there are so many colors to be had too! Each painstakingly hand made I know this because I seen her progressions on making shoes, and trust me they are gorgeous.  Do you want a pair, well head on over to the Uber event and get your own today!

  [L.Warwick] -Sawtooth Flats- Pearl (Lindsey Warwick)  UBER EVENT (LM)

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