Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home and Garden - Colorful Take 2

I ment to get this out sooner, but I been slammed in the RL.  So this is the second half of my post for the Challenge.  Which is happening right now.  You can find out more info here if you wish.  This rounds theme is colorful.  And as you can see in my picture there are lots of colors, and on that I got some of my material items to work! Yay for that.  It looks amazing on my PC. Make sure you click the link above to check out the site on other things that can be found.

I am showing off some amazing free items that you can get from We're Closed, which is a very cute store to get items that can go around your house.  I am also showing off items from Sways (The colorful lawn like chair) that are in the Challenge, and as well as from the Uber Event ( The bird houses) which as well has just opened so make sure you head on over and check out everything.

[ht:home] expressive rug - bang! Boom! Pow! (Corvus Szpiegel) The Challenge
[ht:home] mine chair (Corvus Szpiegel) The Challenge
Sway's [Boomerang] Chair . Sydney / Adult (Sway Dench) The Challenge
Sway's [Crack] Birdhouse . wall  (Sway Dench) Uber
Sway's [Crack] Birdhouse . tree stump  (Sway Dench) Uber
[we're CLOSED] bean bag 2 (mandingo.quan)  Group Gift
[we're CLOSED] old ladder dark (mandingo.quan) Group Gift
Alouette - Wooden Arrow Beach Sign (Scarlet Chandrayaan)
Botanical - Police Box mailbox (Kriss Lehmann)
a m o r o u s// Buoy (Matchbook Monday)
a m or o u s // Porthole Wall Decor (Matchbook Monday)

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