Monday, September 29, 2014

Aphrodite - Doctor Party

Dr. Who fans ... we are calling you! Who wants to have a full blown Doctor party bash ♥ Anyone who knows me well knows that I love love love Dr Who. Soooo now you can head over to Aphrodite and find this amazing spread and cakes for your party.  The cake in the middle is the one that comes with the table, I did however got these two other amazing cakes to go with, the Dalek cake is so freaking amazing and it talks! Do you know a cake that talks?

Each cake gives you cake of different flavors, you can blow out the candles and they even play music or talk to you!!!, the table gives you food, and you can get forks too! This will make anyones party great. 

All Items Created by Marina Ramer @ Aphrodite
Aphrodite - Dr Who birthday cake- Musical! Delivers 8 flavors!
Aphrodite -  "Dalek" Chocolate cream pie
Aphrodite -  "Dr  Space" buffet for kids

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