Monday, August 4, 2014

Post 438

Hii again everyone, so I am doing another post, this was more because I forgot a challenge item.  This bench by Sways is amazing, I love this pose right here.  This bench is full of them.  It looks great on a beach, on the deck anywhere really.  But then as I was thinking of this bench, I realized I had a great shopping day and I had items I wanted to show off too.  So lets get started shall we?
My Puppy Franchesca is from The Chapter Four event that just opened, and you can find this item made my Alchemy.  She is in a gacha so you can win different colors and stuff.  Boys and girls.  Next is this amazing sunflower that a certain someone got me for my birthday, I love it so much, I had to make it in the picture.  I took the info from the owners profile and added the information below so you can find it if you want.  I just love sunflowers ♥  I also had gotten these amazing shoes from Reign at the Project limited event, which I believe is now over. But if their are shoes left, she does sell them at her main store till they are gone.  So go check it out, if not she has a TON of shoes that you would love, I own many for sure.   Lastly, but not least is my high-waist pants out new in store now by NV, so many different color choices to be had here, that you could match it with anything.  I will be blogging these again prolly tomarrow to show you them better, but I wanted to list everything I was wearing in this post, and since they are new I mentioned them here ♥♥

Bench:  Sway's [Walter] Park Bench . blue (Sway Dench)  The Challenge
Flowers:  Weathered Teapot Planter Sunflowers  (Kate McLaglen)
Franchesca:  Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Bow - Black (nina.helix) (tyr.rozenblum) The Chapter Four
Surfboard:  Malibu - surf board (Novocaine Islay)
Mailbox:  Botanical - Vintage Time Traveler's Mailbox (Kriss Lehmann)

Ring: MG - RING - Roho - Small - R
Glasses: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - candy gloss (mika.nieuport)
Shoes: REIGN.- SADDLE PLATS- CAMEL (kenadeecole) Project Limited ItemHair: TRUTH HAIR Blythe [LoveJugs 1] (Truth Hawks)
Headband: [MAGIC NOOK] Snow Baby Headband / Chin (Ayumi Cassini)
Pants: [NV] Hanny Capry-White- M (isiss Bade) NEW

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