Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Post 422

Hey everyone, so I was shopping at The Chapter Four, and I found some reallly cute items there.  My kitties in Sushi from Birdy, who makes a hella ton cute stuff, I swear I go broke getting her items. But totally well worth it.  This time its kitty's in fish! Yummy for the kitty's.  And to go with the kittys are these cute shoes which you can get tomorrow from The Seasons Story when it opens! These cute shoes are from Mango Cheeks, such adorable shoes there you gotta check out the main store.  But these little mice, I dont really like gold items ... but on the choco shoe, its amazing.  So hey I found a reason to like gold now ♥ 
(Sorry for the short post, college is kicking my butt for summer classes)
Check out these events and make sure you look around you never know what you will find ♥

  • *Tentacio* My polaroid grey  (May Tolsen) The Chapter Four
  • {Mango Cheeks} Squeeker Flats:  (kelly.bellman) The Seasons Story  Pearl/Silver, Choco/Gold, Fog/Silver, Baby/Silver
  • .Birdy. Sushi Kitties - Octopuss Peach (nina.helix) The Chapter Four
  • .Birdy. Sushi Kitties - Salmon (nina.helix) The Chapter Four

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