Monday, June 30, 2014

Post 417

Hey everyone! I am doing a post for another Rhapsody participant, Mango Cheeks.  Now I was reallllly shocked a bit when I seen these shoes on my feet show up in the box.  When I think of Mango Cheeks and all that I have blogged for her before, it was always ... cute and innocent.  MAN did I get a shock when I got uber cute and sexy in the pack!  I love love love these heels right here.  They are sleek and sexy and a total must have.   And she is released the cute necklaces I am wearing too.  I couldnt make a choice of the blue or pink ... so I mad them both work :D   And for The Dreaming Tree, she has out these two cute heels too.  So many shoes, my inventory is going to explode I swear.  But I cant get enough.  The ones on the ground require the slink medium foot, and the ones on my feet are made for slink high feet.   As always everything is listed below.  Check it out and have fun shopping ♥

  • Shorts: Southern Bell Shorts - Classic (Apple May)
  • Top:  :FY: Juniper Sweatshirt (pack two) (hannah.lacombe) NEW 
  • Necklace: {Mango Cheeks} Bonejangles Necklace: Baby (Kelly Bellman) @ Rhapsody 
  • Necklace: {Mango Cheeks} Bonejangles Necklace: Robin (Kelly Bellman) @ Rhapsody 
  • Shoes Feet/Hand: {Mango Cheeks} Tarra Heels: Baby/Silver&Royal/Silver (Kelly Bellman) @ Rhapsody
  • Shoes Ground: {Mango Cheeks} Nieka Heels: Iron & Steel (Kelly Bellman) @ The Dreaming Tree

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