Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frost Post 1

Heey everyone,  did you know that Frost Fair is opening in a few days? That is right, Frost brought to you by Depraved Nation will be opening its door, on December 13th and will be going on till January 5th!  Now I know you are all excited, because Depraved Nation puts off some really amazing events, so I am going to leave you with the website so you can check that out and get all the information you want!

For my First post I am showing off an absolutely gorgeous dress/outfit by Kastle Rock.  It comes with a dress, partical mesh, some prim components, and there is a head dress.  I am showing off these amazing eyes, and not sure if you can really make it out, but the eyemake up (liner) from Chus! I believe those are the designers I am showing from Frost, so you can check it out, and I will be showing off more here in the next few posts.

In case you havent been following my blog (shame on you) then you know that I am in love with the amazing group gift skins from Filthy, this is another one that is out.  I dont know how long she will be leaving them on the shelf, so my advice is go and get them nowwww before its to late and you miss out!! 

For those of you that need GOOD poses that are for puffy like dresses, specially like mine, or winter coats, or whatever you wear that needs your arms to be a bit wider than your outfit, then look no further than Infiniti.  If you head over to perfect wardrobe you can find a complete set of poses, below is a example of what you can find!

Dress: :KR: Moonstone Gown - Ice Blue  FROST
Eyes: Chus! Time Lenses in Light Black Hole  FROST
Liner: Chus! High Cat Liner - 3 FROST
Necklace: :Diamante: Frosted Romance Necklace - Fine Silver FROST
Hair: ::Exile:: She's So Mean:Frost
Skin: :F: Group.Gift#3.2013 ___( Beach )

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