Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post 100

WHOO I finally hit the 100 post of the new number system I have started. Even though my blog is well over a year old and way more posts...its still an accomplishment to me to hit this number.  So today is brought to you by AlterEgo and Al Vulo. Two of my favorite stores.

So like a boss I am supporting a cute outfit called Bosslady from AlterEgo. Yes, I am still in love with my boobs that I am wearing them. But again remember you dont have to have them to wear the outfits. I just like how they look. On that, IF you want boobies like these, Toxxic does have a vendor in her store where you can purchase them. Soooo you dont have to go searching for it!

Ok so At the Dressing Room Fusion is this amazing skin from Al Vulo. As a added bonus and an amazing courtesy Hlin has added the appliers for your breasts in there, this way you dont have to go through all the hassel of trying to match your nipples and skin to your body. And believe me this is a great feature cause believe the past with the normal prim boobs that arent mesh this was a big thing to find appliers to match. A LAS no more!

Outfit: {alterego} bosslady (skirt, shirt, appliers, garter stockings, socks, boots, bracelets, panties, armbands, blindfold, tattoo...basically all clothing items)
Skin: al vulo- Ramona*
Hair: .ploom. Penny
Pose by Purple Poses KALEN New

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