Monday, December 10, 2012

Post 068

I love winter in SL cause alot of cute clothes come out. Like this for instance, AlterEgo put out a butt ton of new winter like items and this is my favorite! This is called Snowflake...and my antlers are by her too. Cept they wont be out till the Frost Fair, which does start on the 12.12.12....Dun dun duuuuuuun.... I dont know something suppose to happen...the end of the world maybe? Who knows... but here check out all the goodies in her will not be dissapointed!

  • Outfit: {alterego} snowflake  (partial mesh)  Comes with Scarf, dress, hoodie, armwarmers, boots stockings, snowflake mouthy
  • Antlers: {alterego} holiday antlers
  • Hair: Magika [Hair M] Today
  • Skin: al vulo- Livia
  • Pose by Oracul

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