Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post 059

So I been waiting for this. Jamman came out with MESH nails. Thats right, totally mesh. They work and fit the same way as the prim ones. Now like the prim ones, these dont move with your fingers. like if you have an AO on or anything like that, the nails are stationary. That is something ALL nails do. Like the other nails from this creator I want to rave about them. The hud is a actually alot easier to use. Everything is clearly labeled.  On that there is a Notecard with all the information on it. Which totally helps those that are new. I was able to place these on and get the look I wanted in a minute. But with so many options you will want to play. This will be the last nail set you will ever want or so I think anyways.
  • There are 6 shapes of nails
  • 8 different catagories with texture options (standard, fantasy, fantasy2, Glam, Dots, Tattoo, gold, and Silver)
  • Over 100 textures per catagory
  • You can make each finger different
  • There is a easy to use sizer to make nails fit just right. 
  • Goes from 0-100 in size
  • If your fingers get stuck in that open hand position, this hud will fix that!
  • You can resize this hud too just like the old one so you dont have to have it take up your whole screen. Which is a total plus as you can see with all my other huds on the screen that I need while blogging.
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