Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fluid - The Story!

So Ego Co, (which can be found at the top of my blog) is the sponsor of Fluid...what is Fluid you might ask...wellll.... here is some info.....
Fluid is a recurring bi-weekly, themed event in Second Life directed to those of us who love poses, animations, props and furniture; creators and consumers alike.  Fluid will showcase the talents of 12 (twelve) pose, animation, prop and furniture makers during the course of these two weeks.  Each 2 week period will be considered a rotation.
Each rotation will consist of an over-arching theme, which will be dissected into four sub category themes.  Designers will be assigned to one of the four sub-themes.  This will result in there being 3 designers in each of the 4 sub-categories.  This will help to reduce similarity in the themed items as well as offer a greater variety to consumers.

So, lets begin. I have a story to tell, and I promise to not make it a total Porn...but keep in mind the pose round was called Risque.  haha Sooo I made up a little something.


And to get these poses go here   
July 1, 2012 – July 14, 2012

Tranquility Way Station
Rack Poses
Pulling Strings
Bounce This Poses
LostAngel Industries
Sparrowtree Studios

So I was gonna hang out with the new neighbor on my block, I asked him to come over he said he would bring the pizza, such a gentleman, I figured I would have enough time to take a quick shower. But he got there just as I had gotten out and I didnt wanna be rude so....I answered the door....and yea he looked as good as that pizza. Soo I said hi...

Well I was feeling bad because really he paid for the pizza and I seen my bag there. I thought ok I will pay him back. And then go get dressed...what I didnt realize is that my towel...was a bit small to go around my body and he got a little look at...well you ....before he could pass out of total peekage.....

I dropped the towel and caught the pizza..(it was either the pizza or the towel and I was hungry). So there I stood in the birthday suit....But what I didnt know was....

Top Three poses :
SSP 30 Minutes or Less

Omg what he was a total kinkster....he was like all about the not me seeing anything he was doing. And he blind folded me and brought me to the living room. I guess we arent eating that pizza right now....oh well....

Pose : *Frooti - Comfort Zoned Out
Hand Rope included

Who knew my adventure would turn into something WAY better than pizza by the end of the night, though Im sorry I couldnt give you the naughty details of what happened...but  you know. A girl never kisses and tells...everyone :D ♥

Pose: .evolve.get a grip.
Blindfold and Curtain Included

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